We play to win!



Our discovery process approach makes a big difference in the outcome of your program.   We talk with key players to understand their insights, perspective and goals.  We ask logical and even some tough questions to ensure we capture their voice, achieve buy-in and create program advocates right out of the gate.

Discovery sessions uncover:

  • What you have in mind, primary goals and pain points
  • Your position in your industry and the competitive landscape
  • The state of relationships with your current audience and how it could be improved
  • What has worked and not worked for your organization
Workers collaborating
Workers collaborating


Once we understand your business, goals and objectives, we tap into our decades of experience and incredibly talented team to design your program and address whatever gaps or challenges were identified in the discovery process.

Our design process and technology platforms allow us to quickly deliver programs that achieve greater engagement, change behaviors and produce outstanding results.

We do our best to make each stage of the design and development process a fun, insightful and beneficial journey.  Our knowledgeable and experienced team is fully invested in your success.


Even the best plans fall apart if there’s a failure to execute.  PBS brings to the table a seasoned project management team that has seen it all, ensuring that there is always someone watching out for your best interests while you focus on your primary job. That means:

  • Creating a clear project plan with roles, responsibilities and timeline
  • Utilizing cloud based project plan tools so we all know what needs to be done and when
  • Monitoring the project plan throughout the development and launch process
  • Facilitating scheduled milestone meetings

For PBS, successful implementation is best defined as delivering programs that achieve the desired outcomes: sales growth, more productive teams and happier customers.

Workers collaborating
Workers collaborating


There are many valuable data points collected in our programs to analyze your business. However, there are two primary types of data measurement that help determine the success of your programs and we’re all about digging into this information to ensure we are delivering on:

  1. Program Performance / ROI – we’re getting you where you want to go – reaching your goals

    Participant enrollment and engagement statistics, sales and program growth, training, promotion performance, communication and user feedback are just a few of the KPI’s we monitor.  If things are not quite on track we are quick to evaluate, share our findings and make adjustments.
  1. Business Intelligence – we’re providing you with data to make informed decisions about your business

    The data generated from our loyalty, promotion, and incentive platforms provides insights on your products, your teams, your partners and your customers.  Our reporting dashboards display top line information that is understood at a glance, while the details are available with just a couple of drill down clicks.  You are able to quickly evaluate if your decisions, efforts and investments are generating the desired actions and outcomes.


To achieve this, we invest the time and resources necessary to design and implement engagement programs that produce sustainable results and data you can use to continue moving the needle forward. PBS places a strong focus on client relationships starting with our first introduction. We believe that to be a valuable partner, we need to understand your business, challenges, opportunities, customers and your competition. This insight is used to design and deliver programs that address your specific business needs. Your success is our top priority and we’re committed to delivering outstanding results. We play to win!


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